Advertisements reflect poorly on university

Dear Editor,

Has The Northerner fallen into such hard times that it now has to accept advertising that heralds the arrival of “the Pole Princess”I was appalled to see the printing of Deja Vu strip club ads in more than one issue of our school’s newspaper.

What does this say about Northern Kentucky University and its students? That we support the world of pseudo prostitution that equates women to objects. Surely our newspaper could have found a better advertiser to fill the Deja Vu spot.

Our university prides itself on progressiveness, so why are we broadcasting the degradation of women?

I believe in our free speech amendment, but I must question the ethical judgment of our newspaper when it chooses to print these advertisements. How can the university support events like the upcoming “Take Back the Night,” and promote a strip club at the same time? For me, that is a conflict of interest.

I hope our newspaper will select advertisements that promote a more professional image in the future.