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Four More Years?

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Letter to the Editor FOUR MORE YEARS? Wake up America! If you want four more years of George W. Bush (based on his previous four years), here’s what you can expect: Four more years of uncontrolled spending and trillion-dollar-plus deficits. Four more years of shifting the burden of taxation from multi-millionaires to lower income earners. Four more years of skyrocketing college tuition. Four more years of price-gouging by the pharmaceutical and health care industries. Four more years of raids on the treasury by Halliburton. Four more years of unprecedented tax cuts for multi-millionaires during time of war. Four more years of corporate tax loopholes, fraud and unbridled tax evasion. Four more years of increases in local taxes to make up for federal tax cuts and loss of federal services. Four more years of ignoring alternative sources of energy that would mitigate our dependence on oil. Four more years of uncontrolled ‘pork-barrel’ domestic spending, spending which formerly was deemed by Republicans as the exclusive domain of Democrats. With a Republican President and a Republican majority in Congress, how can this be? Four more years of the Administration’s ‘blessing’ on the exportation of hundreds of thousands of American jobs abroad. Four more years of no taxes for those companies exporting jobs to other countries. Four more years of failure to adequately secure our ports and borders against terrorists. Four more years of a stagnant stock market. Four more years of alienating most of our traditional allies, because of GWB’s ‘go it alone’ bravado. Four more years of GWB’s failure to “Leave no Child Behind”. Four more years for GWB to gain his objective of destroying Social Security and Medicare. Four more years of perpetual wars. Four more years of calling up the depleted National Guard to supplement our depleted regular armed forces. And, four more years of a deeply divided America.

Paul G. Jaehnert 808 Bur Oak Ct. Vadnais Hts, MN 55127 phone: (651) 407-0754

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Four More Years?