Campus briefs

Council talks to NKU officials about state funding

The Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce petitioned the Kentucky Council of Postsecondary Education for more funding last Wednesday, the Kentucky Post reported.

Officials gathered at Holmes High School in Covington to listen to the concerns about finance from about 150 interested Northern Kentuckians.

Complaints listed were that Northern Kentucky University is the youngest of the state’s regional universities but receives the least amount of funding.

The council was making a nine stop tour of Kentucky, meeting with citizens and other officials to understand more about the issues concerning higher education in the state, before making any new decisions.

The discussions primarily involved the cut state funding. Some examples given were the 150 students who had to be turned away from classes at Gateway Community and Technical College because the school did not have sufficient funds to employ the teachers, and the 16.4 percent and 16.7 percent tuition increases at NKU.

Martial arts program open to students

NKU is offering a martial arts based program which incorporates kickboxing, calisthenics, self-defense and other martial arts movements. At Cardio Spotlight, instructors teach basic techniques as well as movement, adding intensity as the class progresses. Beginners as well as experienced martial artists are welcome.

Professor will take pie to face to help cause

The Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society have organized a fundraiser in which a chemistry department faculty member will receive a pie in the face. Money collecting jars each assigned to each professor, have been placed in SC 204 F. The faculty member with the most money in her jar will be hit with a pie in the face. The funds will be used to support a trip to the spring annual meeting of the American Chemical Society.