Animated film a treat for all ages

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In “Shark Tale,” the main character Oscar (played by Will Smith) is an energetic little fish with a bad habit of getting into trouble.

Although he seems to land himself in hot water, his best friend (Rene Zellweger) offers her loving advice and even though he frustrates her, she has feelings for Oscar that go beyond a friendship.

Oscar is oblivious to Angie’s feelings towards him because he is love-struck by the curvaceous Lola (Angelina Jolie), who initially rejected Oscar and then changed her mind once he became famous.

Lenny (Jack Black) is a great white shark who has trouble dealing with a huge secret; he’s a vegetarian. Lenny feels ashamed that he can’t live up to the strict expectations of his carnivorous brothers and his mob boss father, Lino (Robert DeNiro).

The story unfolds as a little white lie makes Oscar appear to be a hero. Lenny becomes an outcast with nowhere to go.

When Lenny discovers the truth about Oscar, he decides to help keep his secret. Oscar and Lenny become an odd-couple pair of friends and are bound by one falsehood, which has created a whirlwind of media exposure.

Lenny and Oscar find themselves in a situation where they must keep this sham going for their own good.

Of course, the truth comes out and Oscar has to learn to learn that sometimes the things that people look for in their lives are right before their eyes.

He soon realizes what a treasure Angie is.

Lenny’s father learns that being a family is more important than judging someone’s preferences.

Throughout this adventure, there are many lessons to learn about love, honesty and friendship.

This movie was funny, exciting, inspiring and enlightening. It is a must-see for children, and can even be enjoyed by parents as well.

People of all ages will get a kick out of the quirky story set in an aquatic replica of New York City.

It is complete with an all-star cast, celebrity cameo appearances (with stars such as Missy Elliot and Christina Aguilera) and unmistakeable references to popular culture.

There are also many references to hip-hop and urban culture, which sets this movie apart from many other animated films.