Adam Strange review

Adam Strange’s life just became a lot worse.

After finding out from Superman that his adopted home planet Rann, where his wife and child live, had blown up Strange decides to drown his sorrows in a bottle.

Coincidentally, his apartment complex blows up one night and he is taken into police custody for questioning as a suspect in the explosion.

Strange explains to the officers that he is a hero on Rann, where he is teleported via a beam. The scientists on Rann chose Strange to help save their dying planet.

The effects of the beam that transported him to Rann would eventually wear off. However, the scientists finally found a way to keep him there permanently.

Strange came to back to Earth one last time to gather his belongings before he made the permanent trip back to Rann. However, the beam that was supposed to return him never came.

The officers don’t buy Strange’s story and haul him off to the mental ward.

Not looking forward to incarceration, Strange overpowers the two officers but quickly finds out that he has bigger problems.

Two aliens attack him and say they’re looking for answers. They know Strange is a hero on Rann and believe he has something to do with its disappearance.

Strange proves that he’s a hero even without his gun and jet-pack by defeating one of the aliens. However, his problems aren’t over because the larger of the two aliens isn’t too happy about his downed partner.

Writer Andy Diggle and artist Pascal Ferry do an excellent job of taking a new look into a classic sci-fi hero’s world. The amazing artwork matches the theme and mood perfectly.

The means by which Strange’s origin is revealed to new readers is told well, a task that can come off as unnatural inner dialogue in other comic books.

This eight-issue miniseries looks to be a great tale of one man trying to find out the truth behind the disappearance of his loved ones. This book has the action, emotion, storytelling and dialogue that are found only in the greatest comics. Adam Strange could potentially be one of the best new series of the year.

Fans of action, adventure and drama will find this book appealing. It makes the reader connect emotionally with the main character and hope he can overcome his great odds.