Indie rockers mature with new album

“Mind Is Not Brain” is another large step in Mock Orange’s evolution. The guitars are reminiscent of Led Zeppelin, and the song structures scream Sunny Day Real Estate; all while keeping that Mock Orange sensibility.

The tunes of their previous album, “First EP,” have more of an earthy feeling than the band’s earlier material. Gritty guitars, an interesting use of feedback and a careful use of this band’s amazing talent, allows them to write unconventionally and still make it familiar.

The opening track, “Payroll,” begins with a bouncy, effects-laden guitar line that evokes a spirit of good will. The album moves on to new emotions, but the floating guitar remains intact throughout the record.

“East Side Song” is the introduction of Mock Orange with acoustic guitars and cello, interrupted by ambient digital soundscapes and beats that make this song one of the oddest picks in the album.

What was once familiar for Mock Orange, now seems like old news to the band. They continue to change the music they write together, no matter how original their last outing was.

The band’s hard work and collaboration produced four releases that have all naturally changed the look and feel of the band. The album closer, “This Nation,” lyrically shows Mock Orange in a political surrounding, a theme they touched upon before in a more covert manner.

“This nation has no imagination…” opens the track as a plea for musicians to do their jobs and speak out against something other than their ex-girlfriends. Their words are lush with emotion and despair, and the sound in near the heart of the Mock Orange that originated in Indiana six years ago.

With “Mind is Not Brain,” Mock Orange raises the bar once again. Originality and striking melody drive this album home as a huge success.