Hot seat with Liz Holmes

John Rasp


In this week’s hot seat, John interviewed freshman volleyball player Liz Holmes. Holmes received the GLVC player of the week award last week.

John Rasp: What are some of the adjustments you had to make going from playing high school volleyball in Cincinnati to college volleyball? Liz Holmes: Besides the players being bigger, faster and stronger, I also had to deal with the adjustment of playing with a whole new team.

JR: How influential was having head coach Carlos Chia as your club coach, and you coming to NKU? LH: It was very influential in me coming to NKU. I knew I would get better by coming to NKU because Carlos got me to where I am now, and I knew I would be that much better by coming here. JR: What kind of pre-game music do you listen to? LH: I like to listen to Nelly and some of the different mixes that I’ve made. I also like to listen to MOJO and some oldies.

JR: What kind of personal and team goals have you set for this year? LH: As far as team goals, we want to win conference. Personally, I would like to pick up my passing and serve receive. My goal is to have as many digs as kills.

JR: Who would you say is the strongest volleyball player in terms of who could lift the most weight? LH: Probably Julie Lewis. JR: Have you ever hit someone with the ball really hard? LH: Yeah, I’ve done it before. Sometimes when I hit the ball real hard I break blood vessels.

JR: I know you were a good basketball player in high school. Do you have any desire to play basketball at NKU? LH: No.

JR: What would you say is your biggest strength on the volleyball court? LH: I think hitting was the easiest thing for me to adjust to in college. Andrea is such a great setter so it was easy for me to come here and hit.

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