Greedy profit from 9/11

The power of some people’s greed never ceases to amaze me.

Take Larry Silverstein, a real estate mogul and World Trade Center leaseholder, for example. Silverstein began a second round of legal proceedings on Monday, Sept. 27 to determine whether or not he’s eligible for another $1.1 billion in damages from insurers for the terror attacks that toppled his property. Silverstein alleges that the attacks were two separate incidents and he therefore deserves twice the money.

Back in May, a jury determined the major insurer Swiss Reinsurance and a dozen other insurance companies did not owe Silverstein double. So far, Silverstein has only received $3.5 billion of the estimated $7 billion he originally sought. But that’s simply not good enough for him, so he’s back in court in Lower Manhattan to fight it out.

To make matters worse, data compiled for the trial is being sealed and classified until the trial is over. The data consists largely of analysis from some of the nation’s top engineers as to exactly how the towers collapsed.

Silverstein’s attempt to profit from one of America’s greatest tragedies and conceal information from the public is sickening to say the least.

But he’s not alone.

The National Collectors Mint is pandering death and destruction with a new coin made with silver recovered from a bank vault buried during the collapse of one of the towers.

Yes, that’s right, for only $23.45 you can own a silver dollar tainted with the blood of the WTC employees, firefighters and rescue personnel, mothers and fathers, and actual human beings that lost their lives for your shiny symbol of patriotic capitalism. For another $3.50 they’ll put it in a display case so you can show your family and friends your pride and love for this country.

I wonder if workers at Ground Zero who are now suing for exposure to toxic compounds knew they were mining for silver to make something like this?

So, when will it end? We’ll all be wearing necklaces made from the bones of victims as we go riding off into the apocalypse of modern capitalism.