Lake Inferior

Dear NKU staff,

I just logged on norse and found out that Lake Inferior is getting a 2.4 million $ face lift. That is nice but that type of spending is childish!!! Tuition got hiked up 16% and now a face lift for the lake. I am a non-traditional student and I think that spending of the money should go to lower tuition not improve the looks of the campus. The lake is nice and a bridge down the middle would be even more nice, but I am ther to get an education and not there to pay the school for a face lifts, bigger university center etc… The fact of the matter is that education should come first not campus makeovers. Before you know it you have to be rich to be able to even attend NKU, which we are just making it work now.

Just wanted my view to be heared. I figure there are more of us out there…

Thank You.