Band uses trash to rock campus

Shelter Management

Recycled Percussion drummed up plenty of excitement in Northern Kentucky University students when they performed at Regents Hall Sept. 16.

The band is known for its taped-together buckets and assorted trash items that they use as musical instruments.

“The scuba tanks and sink provided a nice ‘clink’ to the bass of their garbage cans and buckets,” junior Alyssa Rowland said.

The group used responsive clapping to involve the audience with the music.

A performer hit his drumsticks together in a rhythm and the audience copied. Each time he gave them a more difficult beat, until it was impossible for the audience to repeat.

During the performance, Recycled Percussion brought four students on stage and handed the drumsticks over to them.

The students were able to bang on whichever item of trash they wanted while DJ Jerami Ballafatto provided music.

Afterward, the students signed a hanging piece of sheet metal.

“I really enjoyed the concert. It was even better than when I went to go see ‘Stomp’ in New York,” freshman Hillary Pullen said.

For the grand finale, they used circular saws on metal trashcans, sending sparks flying high to the ceiling. The crowd backed away, but was fascinated.

Recycled Percussion member Greg Kassapis had his own bucket solo, which he took as his chance to show off his impressive drumming abilities.

Overall, Recycled Percussion’s performance left their new fans wanting more.

“I really hope they can come back and do this again,” Pullen said, “because I would tell everyone on campus how awesome they are.”