response to Dr. Mongiardo’s visit

Dear Editor,

Politicians are often accused of being disingenuous when they talk to constituents. I have never seen a better example of such insincerity than Daniel Mongiardo’s visit to NKU last week. Dr. Dan acts as if students are supposed to forget about his record.

This past year in the General Assembly, Mongiardo abstained from voting for the state budget plan supported by Governor Ernie Fletcher. That budget plan would have given our university $47 million in bonds for the construction of our much-needed special events center.

Mongiardo thinks he has what it takes to be our Senator, yet he can’t cast a simple “yes” or “no” vote on an NKU-friendly budget. Should Dr. Dan ever serve in the United States Senate, he will be expected to vote on issues of war and peace, health care, taxes, and terrorism. I guess you could say that if Dr. Dan voted “pass” in the US Senate, it would be the legislative equivalent of malpractice.

So, though Mongiardo does not support NKU, he expects NKU to support him. The people of this university are smart enough to know when someone votes against their best interest. They will not be fooled by Mongiardo’s cynical attempt to gain their support.

There is no doubt that some will accuse me of distorting the Senator’s record. The fact is, I couldn’t make it much worse than it is.

Derrick Reeder President, College Republicans of NKU