Sex rumors can alter lives

Why is it that once someone reaches college they’re supposed to know everything? Not only in class, but also with some of the most common topics among college students: sex, dating and relationships.

The three-month transition form high school to college isn’t always enough time for students to experience all of these things.

There are many misconceptions about the opposite sex when it comes to dating. Men want to know what women think and vice versa. College is a time when students can begin mature relationships, but are often unsure of the differences between high school and college dating. It is also a time where they begin to experiment.

When it comes to sex, the line between myth and fact can often become blurred. Not being able to get pregnant during menstruation and weight loss causing penis growth are two examples of rumors among college students. There are also myths about things like statutory and date rape laws.

Questions like these are accepted and encouraged. There are often many people who are thinking the same question. With the aid of this column students can become properly educated on topics that are important to them.

Not having the proper knowledge on topics such as these can be life altering. It is important to know the truth behind these rumors.

Sex and relationship questions need to be discussed. Sometimes it is hard for people of any age to ask these questions, and younger people especially find it hard to turn to someone for help.

This column relies on one important thing: you. All questions are student submitted and will remain anonymous if requested. This information is for you, and now you have a way to tap it.

This column is devoted to you, the student. It is going to be your tap for real information. Each week a question will be selected, researched and in some cases surveyed. I will tap my knowledge and the knowledge of experts in the fields of sex and dating to answer the questions on students’ minds.

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