Hot seat with Sam Westerling


In this week’s hot seat, John interviewed Sam Westerling of the women’s soccer team. Westerling starts for the Norse at defender despite playing goalie for the previous two years.

John Rasp: What kind of team goals has the team set for this year? Sam Westerling: One of the team goals was 100 percent commitment. A lot of the other goals were things such as posting 17 shutouts and scoring so many goals or getting so many shots.

JR: Kendra Zinser by far led the team in yellow cards in 2003, but has since graduated. Who’s going to lead the team in yellow cards this year? SW: Probably Kristen Votapek because she averages about five fouls per game. She also probably has a couple cards under her belt.

JR: Last year a couple of the postseason games came down to a shootout. Last year, you were in the shootout as goalkeeper; but this year, as defender, do you have any desire to take a shot? SW: No, too much pressure.

JR: Who’s the toughest NKU women’s soccer player? SW: I’d say Robyn Withers is probably the toughest. She took a cleat to the face and got back up, so she’s pretty tough.

JR: What areas are this team better in than last year’s team? SW: I think our offense is better. We have good shooters and a lot of speed up front.

JR: What is it like to play defender compared to goalkeeper? SW: It’s okay. It’s a lot of work and a lot more running. I definitely respect the field players much more now that I play defender. I like it.

JR: Is there anything you know from being goalie that helps you out being defender? SW: From being a goalie, I have a better idea of what the offensive player is going to do. I have better reads on the offensive player from my experiences at goalie.

JR: If you could pick one men’s player to play on the women’s team who would you pick? SW: I’d probably pick Randy Walters because he’s a pretty solid all-around player.

JR: What’s the most fired up you’ve seen Head Coach Bob Sheehan? SW: Last weekend he was pretty fired up because the referee wasn’t making any calls. It was pretty funny.

JR: With only two seniors on the roster, who are some of the underclassmen that have stepped up as leaders? SW: Amy Martini and Katie Hanck have stepped