‘Cellular’ an advertisement

The biggest star in “Cellular” is the ever-present Nokia cell phone.

From dialogue about the phone’s capacity to remember incoming calls, to praise about its new video recording feature, the product placement is anything but subtle.

Supporting the phone in its starring role is Oscar-award-winning actress Kim Basinger (Jessica Martin), who plays a kidnapped science teacher.

The mysterious kidnappers, complete with baldheads and bad accents, take Martin to a secret location. While there, she takes a page from the MacGyver handbook by splicing together wires from a smashed phone.

She manages to touch the phone’s muddled wires together in such a sequence that it dials the number of a random stranger, Ryan (played by Chris Evans).

While keeping the phone hidden from the kidnappers, Martin tries to convince the skeptical Ryan that she has been abducted, and that her call is not a prank.

It is not until he overhears Martin being beaten by a kidnapper that he is convinced she’s telling the truth.

The sequences that follow involve Ryan driving endless miles through the city of Los Angeles while, of course, breaking nearly every law imaginable.

The small amount of time not spent flashing between the two main characters is filled with the typical good cop, Mooney.

On the verge of retirement, the loveable underdog Mooney (played by William H. Macy) is caught in the middle of Martin’s kidnapping scandal.

The plot slowly unravels, and it isn’t until near the end of the film that the whole story behind the kidnapping is revealed.

Nevertheless, the ending isn’t a complete surprise, something atypical of most action movies.

If you’re looking for an elegant film with deeply moving themes, it’s best to avoid “Cellular.” It’s a stereotypical action movie, complete with the obligatory car chases, bad guys, guns and explosions.

On the other hand, people interested in explosions and car chases may enjoy it.

Although it most likely won’t bring home an Oscar, “Cellular” can be entertaining at times.