Football season is upon us

The leaves haven’t changed and the temperature hasn’t cooled, but football season is here and people everywhere can’t get enough.

Football on every level, beginning at high school and moving up through the professional level, attracts a more rabid fanbase than any other sport in the United States.

In the tri-state are, the passion for football is evident. How many other places in the country could put on an event like the Sept. 5 i-Wireless Prep Classic at Paul Brown Stadium?

Aside from the fact that thousands showed up at a pro stadium to watch a high school game, all three games were shown live on local television.

For high school fans, there is nothing better than watching young players develop their talent. It’s satisfying to see if and where you’re favorite star will end up playing after graduation.

Many high school fans say that high school football is a purer form of the sport than any college or professional football.

These young men are truly competing for the love of the game.

There’s also a throwback feel to high school football. Nowhere else can you see long-abandoned offensive formations such as the Wing-T and dusted-off defenses like the 6-2.

The next tier of football, college football, features equally wild fans. However, this area does not focus on college football, or feature the wild fans you would find in a powerhouse football conference like the Big 10, Big 12, or Southeastern Conferences.

Attending games at schools in any of those conferences is amazing. They feature stadiums that on any given Saturday afternoon host in excess of 100,000 fans living and dying with their respective teams on every snap.

College football’s rich history, from the Rose Bowl to the Heisman Trophy, has kept the fans interested and cheering for their schools for decades.

In fact, a major issue that concerns almost every college football fan is the crowning of the National Champions.

Listen to any radio talk show, or turn on ESPN during the college season and you will hear people calling for the end of the BCS Rankings.

They’d like change, any kind of change, and a new way to crown the National Champs.

Finally, there’s the NFL, where the best players in the world compete, and fans can’t get enough.

From the television and satellite radio packages with out-of-market games, to jerseys and other memorabilia; the NFL is a huge money-making machine, oiled by frenzied football fanatics.

There’s nothing in sports like gathering around the television on Mondays and watching these gladiators go at one another on the field.

Obviously, in the NFL the main attraction to end the season is the Super Bowl. There is no one event in sports that can match the spectacle that the NFL puts on to end their season.

For the next few months, the sports nation will be occupied with football on all levels, and I for one will be right there with them.