Students should show support to Pace

Dear Editor,

I have known Chris Pace since I was a freshman here at NKU. What a lot of people never get to see about Chris is how much he cares about people. A couple months ago, I got a flat tire at two in the morning about a half hour away from campus. When just about no one else cared to help me out, Chris Pace got out of bed and came to meet me. It seems that now is a time when Chris needs his friends to help him. So here are a few more things a lot of people probably don’t know: Chris Pace has never been charged with any crime before vocally opposing tuition increases at NKU. Chris is just about the most hum-drum, squeaky clean person I know. He doesn’t even drink. Furthermore, I’ve never known Chris to say a dishonest word.

I’d like to think I’m a pretty good judge of character, and I’m confident Chris has done nothing wrong, unless standing up for student rights is a crime, that is.

Paul A. Myers Sophomore, Radio/Television