Forced Induction: Auto informative

Josh Blair


A problem I’m often faced with when hanging out with other car enthusiasts is I feel like I’m at a NAMBLA meeting.

It seems as though most car enthusiasts are in the over 30 crowd. I feel out of place when they talk about having kids, mortgages and wives. Those few who are close to my age are usually more interested in neon lights, big aluminum wings, vinyl decals, fart cannon mufflers and nitrous.

This column’s goal is to reach out to college students like myself who are into more than just aesthetics. It’s for people who are into gaining horsepower, increasing handling and like to watch real racing, not cars going around in circles.

It’s also aimed to spark an interest in those who want to do more than just drive their car to school and work everyday. There’s much fun to be had with you car and most of it’s affordable, even for a college student.

There’s also a lot of racing going on in this area that few people are aware of. Autocross, rallycross, karting and drag racing events occur on a regular basis. There are also a number of major racetracks within a two hour driving distance.

This column will also include informative articles on care car tips, safe driving tips, different types of engines, cheap places to get your car fixed and how to buy and sell used cars.

Hopefully this column will help satisfy some needs of the college car crowd and give more knowledge to those who have an interest in automobiles.

Feel free to e-mail me with any car-related questions. I’m no expert but I’ll try my best to find an answer. So welcome to Forced Induction.

Let’s ride.