The Dirty Word of Liberalism

When did the word liberal become a four letter word? A day doesn’t go by that one doesn’t hear from somewhere in the “leftist” media an ad hominem attack by the right using the word liberal to describe its opponents as if it meant some sort of abomination of humanity.

The simple fact is that if one were to look the word up in a dictionary they would find the following definition: “favoring progress or reform, as in politics or religion; not intolerant or prejudiced; generous; lavish in giving; giving freely or in large quantity; ample; not literal or strict.”

How then can the right honestly justify a nefarious use of this word if they really do represent the truth as they claim to? Words do after all have meaning or else the very concept of conveying ideas through written or spoken word would be impossible.

If the cunning linguistic maneuvers of the right are so blatantly contradictory to the fundamental principles of basic communication itself then how can anything else they say be trusted?

Sincerely, Joseph John Hrevnack