Northern Kentucky

Free scholarship contest open to Northern, KY residents _______________________________________________ Kansas City, MO – The International Scholarship Council is pleased to announce that up to $50,000 in scholarships will be awarded in 2005 to the schools of choice in the International Open Scholarship Math Quiz Contest.

Students from the Northern, KY area, particularly low income, are welcome to try and win their share of over 1,300 prizes. The deadline for the contest is December 31, 2004. The contest is open to everyone and the entry is free. Parents and grandparents are allowed to compete in the contest on behalf of a student in need.

“Everyone has certain mathematical skills that would warrant an entry in the contest,” stated Dawn Walker, Contest Director. “There is a little math wiz in all of us and we all love to compete for prizes and recognition. When people learn about our math quiz contest, they suddenly realize that some of the financial burdens of college can be lifted if they win the prizes,” continued Walker.

To enter the contest, correctly answer the first question:

How many $5 Dollar Bills does it take to make $11,550? _____2,210_____2,310_____2,510

On a blank sheet of paper, please write the answer to the question and include the contestants name and address. If playing on behalf of a student, please provide information for the student as well.

Entries should be sent to: International Scholarship Council, P.O. Box 11666, Kansas City, MO 64138. Entries must be postmarked by December 31, 2004.

The International Scholarship Council is an organization dedicated to easing the financial burden of college costs through the spirit of competition.