New members join Northerner ranks

Fall 2004 Staff

The Northerner will reorganize its staff and add several new members for the fall 2004 semester.

Junior journalism major Emily Chalfant will sign on as editor in chief.

She served as assistant news editor this semester and has been involved with the paper for three years.

“The Northerner has improved incredibly over the past year, and I just hope we can continue to publish a quality paper,” she said.

Senior journalism major Jonathan Divita will serve as executive editor.

He was assistant features editor this semester, which was his first working for the paper.

“I just want things to continue to run smoothly and to have some fun,” he said.

Crystal Smith will be business manager and oversee the advertising and billing for The Northerner. She worked as an office assistant for the paper this semester.

Other Northerner staff appointments are:

Junior journalism and speech major Josh Blair as arts and entertainment editor, freshman Amy Ehrnreiter for assistant arts and entertainment editor, junior journalism major Kyle Brown as sports editor, and sophomore RTV major Matt Steffen as assistant sports editor.

Returning staff members will be:

Sophomore mathematics secondary education major C.J. Fryer as news editor, senior journalism major Susan Neltner as features editor, junior journalism major Brianna Bodine as layout/design editor, and freshman art major Mike Brennan as webmaster/design editor. Tony Redell and Tim Downer will return as photo editor and assistant photo editor. John Rasp will continue to write his Hot Seat and Mike Maydak will draw Slimbone.

The Northerner is still hiring for the fall semester. Students can apply at UC 209.