SGA is ‘bankrupt institution’

Dear Editor,

A university is an institution dedicated to the spread and acquisition of knowledge. This dedication is achieved and represented by ideals such as honesty, fairness, diversity and intelligence.

These ideals are not being represented by the Student Government Association at Northern Kentucky University. They have been tarnished by the very institution that provides a means for students to voice their opinions on how the ideals should be upheld.

With all of the election controversies, impeachment issues, financial scandals plagiarism, and the passing of an illegal and illegitimate constitution, it has become frighteningly obvious that the SGA has become a bankrupt institution.

The reason for why this has come to pass is quite obvious: The SGA is composed of people who have done a poor job.

The elected representatives of the students have not been able to treat each other with the respect and courtesy required to achieve any meaningful results.

The political infighting within the group is a blatant example. The question of why these people cannot get along can be easily answered by examining the group’s members in context with the ideals that they have been elected to represent.

The first of these ideals on my list are honesty and fairness. It seems to me that the Hixson and Iker ticket honestly won the majority of votes in the election. It would seem only honest and fair for other members of the same SGA that were also democratically elected to honor the voice of the students.

Chris Pace, with all of his own shortcomings, and Trey “the plagiarizer” Orndorff, Michael Vaughan, and a few others are unwilling to do this. It is obvious from reading The Northerner that Pace has his own problems with honesty, so how could we expect him to treat someone else fairly? Orndorff could not present an original opinion in an editorial – can we expect anything but the best from him? I am not really sure what Mike Vaughan’s problem is.

I think that by analyzing the idea of diversity, we can further shed light on the problem. SGA has been dominated by a faction within the College Republicans. They are like the “good old boys’ club” of the SGA. I think that this group is not willing to play by the rules. Therefore, the fix is in.

Intelligence in the SGA is like an oxymoron. The vice president for student and academic affairs is an exposed plagiarizer. Chris Pace can’t keep his lies straight. The constitution this group passed is totally illegal, and was passed in an irregular fashion.

I think that this group of people, in demonstrating their own stupidity, is challenging the intelligence of the rest of us. This group of students is an embarrassment to any of us that hold the ideals of honesty, fairness, diversity and intelligence to mean anything at all.

Someone from the university needs to correct this group before they negatively affect the reputation of this school.

Kenneth Crawford Senior, history