New 007 game ‘best since Goldeneye’

James Bond fans rejoice as 007 returns in EA games’ new release of “007: Everything or Nothing.”

The adventurous game play, once made famous by the first-person shooter “GoldenEye,” is now a thrilling third-person shooter game, available on all gaming platforms.

The game is an impressive switch from the original Bond game, allowing for hand-to-hand combat and stealthy moves. Upgraded weapons are also included.

For example, the rappel allows 007 to quickly climb walls or dive off buildings.

Other high-tech gagets include Q spiders (mechanical bombs that can be sent ahead to take out enemies), thermo vision and a nano suit that renders Bond invisible for a brief amount of time.

Besides the neat new toys, the game play of “Everything or Nothing” is extraordinary.

One mission the player will find themselves driving a motorcycle through the mountains

Then the next mission could land the gamer in a setting where they fly a helicopter.

The Bond game has a unique feel to it, enhanced with impressive environments and amazing visuals.

Varied locations include Moscow, Egypt and New Orleans.

The production of the game was fairly costly: its cast includes big name stars such as Pierce Brosnan as James Bond, William Dafoe as Nikolai, John Cleese as Q, Judy Dench as M, and Shannon Elizabeth, Heidi Klum and Mya as Bond girls.

In addition to the wonderful movie-like graphics, “Everything or Nothing” has a Dolby Digital 5.1 sound presentation.

The sound is absolutely incredible during the numerous helicopter scenes, car chases, loud gunfire and other action-packed sequences.

At some points of the game, the player can’t even tell if they are in a game or in a surround-sound movie theater.

“007: Everything or Nothing” is an astounding game, but there are just a couple aspects of the game that could use a small amount of work.

For example, a training stage is a required level after completely the first mission.

During this stage you can learn how to lock onto targets, use stealth, and operate a sniper gun.

This all seems pointless to go through after already learning this on your own in the first stage of the game, however.

Another weak point of the game is the lack of weapons.

In some missions there is plenty of arsenal around, while other stages of the game leave you empty-handed and vulnerable to enemy attacks.

Nonetheless, “007: Everything or Nothing” is a great game.

It could be the best Bond game since GoldenEye; even though it is a third-person shoot.