To the editor of the Northerner,

As a non-traditional student, I was not at all interested in the recent SGA election because I believe that since a large majority of SGA is under the age of 25 they could not possibly relate to most of us older students and could not adequately represent us because they do not have the life experience we have. I thought the whole SGA thing was a waste of time.

I was not interested until the Fegan faction started their smear campaign against Mr. Hixon. That is why I decided to vote and vote for Andy Hixon. All of the dirty tricks and tactics used by Fegan and associates absolutely disgusted me. I went so far as to visit Mr. Fegan’s website on election day, write down the names of all those endorsed by his campaign, and made sure I did not vote for a single one of them.

Now comes the news that the Pace/Fegan/Orndorf dominated clique that currently runs the SGA refuses to acknowledge that the students made their choice and that chioce was Andy Hixon. Who do they think they are? They have no right to refuse to acknowledge what the students of this University have voted for. They are acting like a bunch of spoiled brats. I think most people know the type I am talking about, the ones who take their ball and go home when they don’t get their way.

The voters have spoken and the current clique in power has lost. Grow up, get over it, move on with your lives!

How dare you people in the SGA try to override the will of the students? You have no right to do that! You lost but you can’t accept it. Maybe it is time to bring out the Sore/Loserman signs from the 2000 U.S. Presidential election.

Every student now knows just where this click stands. They are more interested in power than in the welfare of the students they claim to represent. The April 19th meeting was supposed to be about the proposed tuition increase but did the Pace/Fegan/Orndorf clique focus on that as they should have? No! They were whining because they were being kicked out of office by the voters and trying to blame the administration because their questionable tactics failed miserably. Grow up!

There are even rumors going around that Mr. Fegan and his campaign spent nearly twenty thousand dollars on this election. Twenty thousand dollars for a student government election at a small University? That is ridiculous and I would like for Mr. Fegan to tell the students if this rumor is true.

I think the administration needs to step in and disband the SGA. Not permanantly, but long enough for the students to get together and come up with a better way of running it without the clique that is currently in charge. The way they currently run it now, only students who serve in the SGA can run for the Presidency. That is elitist and discriminatory against the large majority of students on this campus and is one of many things that needs to be changed on the SGA. Any student with good academic standing should be able to run for President.

President Votruba, we need change and we need it now before the situation gets worse. Please step in and put an end to this madness.

Jeff Foster Freshman/Double majoring in History and Secondary Education/Social Studies (859) 442-7006