DPS reports

APR 18 2004 Sunday 5:10 p.m. Classification: PROPERTY – Found Property Location: LANDRUM BUILDING Disposition: Closed Summary: A paper bag with money inside was found at the listed location and turned into DPS. The owner was notified and the item logged into the DPS Property Room.

APR 18 2004 Sunday 1:22 p.m. Classification: CRIMINAL MISCHIEF Location: FINE ARTS BUILDING Disposition: Under Investigation Summary: Staff member reported damage to University property at the listed location.

APR 18 2004 Sunday 2:31 a.m. Classification: FIRE ALARM Location: UNIVERSITY SUITES Disposition: Closed Summary: A fire alarm was received at the listed location. Officers and the Central Campbell County Fire Department finding no evidence of smoke or fire were found. The cause of the alarm was determined to be burnt popcorn. CCCFD cleared the area and allowed for re-entry. The Kentucky State Fire Marshall was notified by email.