Students disillusioned by dirty politics

Dear Editor,

I finally felt that it was time for me to comment about the SGA elections taking place today and tomorrow.

I, along with a lot of other students, am SEVERELY tired of all the douche-bag politics that have taken place during this election. I think that some parties have shown their true colors, and their supporters have shown the kind of people that would represent those candidates. Students, if you missed any of the slanderous signs posted around the University Center about Andy Hixson and Jeff Iker this past week, just feel free to ask around – they were everywhere.

I think that this whole election has been a “thorn in my ass,” and in everyone else’s. Let’s just face it: there has been so much mudslinging and dirty politics in this process that everyone is becoming disillusioned with what their student government experience “should be.” Students are being promised the world. How many of these promises can actually be accomplished? How many of these promises are just trying to get my vote? I sure would love to come to school tomorrow, for free, eating five-star meals, magically causing racism and plagiarism to disappear from NKU, kicking back beers in University Suites, while knowing that if I walked across campus at 10 p.m. there would be enough light and security to make me feel completely safe. Yes, these are great aspirations, but I think I have heard these before, and where did they go last time? What great changes came from this past year’s SGA? I plan on finding a candidate who offers realistic ideas of how to make my experience better, not just telling me what I want to hear to buy my vote.

I, for one, am tired of this mess and am happy that, as of tomorrow, the elections will finally be over. Until that time, however, I want to strongly encourage students to take time and actually vote. This election is critical for the upcoming school year. You can choose to stay with the same old administration we had last year, where virtually nothing was accomplished (congratulations), or you can try the “radical” approach and vote with a candidate who just might give a damn and want to make some changes around here that will truly affect the students. I don’t know who you are going to vote for, but I want SGA to DO something this year. I’m voting for Andy. But hey, you decide your own way.

Dustin Lewis Junior, speech communication