Rock finds home at Radio Down

Melissa Hodges

Melissa Hodges

Melissa Hodges

With a hidden venue and no marquee, it’s astonishing that Radio Down brings in a large crowd.

Since its opening on New Year’s Eve 2003, Radio Down has been in full swing, with music acts ranging from local bands (“Track West,” “Junior Revolution”) to national acts (“Dillenger Escape Plan,” “The Early November”).

Located above Tickets Sports Bar on Sixth Street in Covington, Ky., Radio Down is an upbeat “rock and roll bar” with a cozy and unique atmosphere.

The venue welcomes music enthusiasts of all genres, offering a distinctive spin to the typical music setting.

“We’ve got a very laid-back atmosphere,” said Frank Hulefeld, manager and promoter of Radio Down.

“The outside deck and the size set us apart from most venues.

“We don’t try to be pretentious. We’re just a good rock and roll bar.”

Hulefeld, a former teacher, said he opened the bar because of his love for rock and roll music.

He added that it was much better than working what he referred to as a real 9 to 5 job.

When he opened the bar, he said he had hoped to bring something different to the Cincinnati music scene.

The bar offers a welcoming ambiance with its rock d