Race makes foes of friends

Dear Editor,

Isn’t it fascinating how in one week people can turn on each other so quickly? With all of the politics raging around campus, I would like to speak from a neutral standpoint. I have no agenda in this letter except to say this: Let the madness stop.

What I mean to say is that I have seen this political battle turn from its agenda (debating political views) to personal attacks and feuds. Friends of mine have been torn apart due to political views, and people are treating each other horribly for no other reason than their political stance. People are being yelled at for not voting the way their sorority sisters, fraternity brothers, and friends are voting.

So what if they want to vote differently? Just because they are in your “group” does not necessarily mean that they have to vote the same way. This campus needs diversity.

I want everybody to take into account the fact that we have four great candidates running. Eric Fegan and James Pollitt are two great guys with good ideas. Andy Hixson and Jeff Iker are also friends of mine who bring a lot to the table. We win with either candidate.

In closing, don’t let your views conflict with your social life. Stop fighting each other over petty details. Hopefully, everybody can take this into account. Relax. Have fun. And may the best man win.

Russell (R.P.) Proctor Freshman, speech communication