Let the students decide

Mr. Fegan, what are you so afraid of that you have to hire an attorney? Mr. Fegan why are the only “problems” we read about Hixson coming from your friends and running mates? Why can’t you just let us, the students decide who should represent our campus? I know you think you’re letting us know the background of your opponnet, but it’s getting ridiculous. In my opinion, you’ve gone far enough and wasted our time. It’s obvious you’re scared…scared of just letting the student body decide. You seem to be hoping your attacks on Hixson will carry you into the election instead of relying on what you think you can bring to the office. Hixson’s true leadership ability must have you worried big time. Why else would you be exhausting yourself trying to drive him into the ground? You’re afraid to let the students choose. Trust me, we’re responsible enough to make our own decisions.