Hotseat with Elizabeth Brunsman

Tim Downer

In this week’s Hot Seat, John interviewed Elizabeth Brunsman, the number one singles player for NKU women’s tennis. John Rasp: What’s your best strength on the tennis court? Elizabeth Brunsman: My backhand.

JR: Does trash talking occur on the tennis court? EB: Yes it does! (A lot of trash talking occurs!) I only talk if someone does it to me first.

JR: Which NKU women’s player is most likely to throw her racket during a match? EB: Definitely Becky Dister.

JR: What’s the biggest match you’ve ever played in? EB: I would have to say the match against Grace Wilhoite of Indianapolis was the biggest match of my college career. I ended up beating her in three sets. It was a conference match and there was a lot of pressure on me. She was (GLVC) Player of the Year before, and I thought the match would determine who would be this year’s (GLVC) Player of the Year. JR: In last week’s Hot Seat, Amine Benjelloun said that you would give him his toughest competition. Can you beat him? EB: Probably not. He’s a little bit stronger than I am.

JR: What is your funniest moment on the tennis court? EB: It would definitely have to be whiffing a serve. I was a little bit tired and I whiffed the serve.

JR: Which team will advance farther in the NCAA Tournament – the men’s or women’s tennis team? EB: Definitely the women’s team. We always seem to get farther.

JR: What do you plan on doing after your college tennis career is over? EB: I will probably continue to play tennis for exercise. I’m planning on going into sales, so I don’t know how much time I will have.

JR: If you could pick one tennis star to play against, who would it be? EB: One of the Williams’ sisters. Probably Serena (Williams) because I think it would be funny to see how obnoxious she is on the court.

JR: I know you work in the athletic office with Coach Shields. Do you have any funny Coach Shields stories? EB: Coach Shields asked me if I thought he wore too much aftershave. His wife told him he wore too much. He wanted to know what I thought, because I was in the same office with him. I told him that he didn’t wear too much aftershave.

JR: Fact or Fiction: Anna Kournikova was good for women’s tennis? EB: Fiction. She definitely needs to stick to modeling.