Fegan’s fraternity to be investigated

On April 13 Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity President and Student Government Association presidential candidate Eric Fegan called foul at an investigation into allegations of misconduct at a Pi Kappa Alpha event.

Officially, according to Dean of Students Kent Kelso, “an investigation has been launched by the Dean of Students’ office about a fraternity.”

He said that charges have not been filed and that the office is considering “whether there is sufficient evidence” to justify any. He refused to further comment about the investigation.

Fegan said the investigation involves his fraternity, and that the allegations focus on Pi Kappa Alpha’s April 10 fraternity initiation on the fifth floor of Landrum Academic Center. He said the investigation is “bogus.”

Fegan said that he is troubled by the timing of the investigation, in light of the looming SGA election and recent developments within SGA. He said he feels personally targeted.

“The eerie, eerie timing of the events coming shows a definite impropriety,” he said. “Both issues, I believe, are interrelated…I think the university is doing this just to get back at me for things in SGA.”

“They have no charges,” he said. “My fraternity has done nothing wrong.”

He said he felt he could say this with certainty because he said he was “personally there” at the event.

Fegan said a “faculty member heard loud cursing” from the event and called the Department of Public Safety with a complaint. He said a DPS officer responded, and things were quickly resolved.

Fegan provided The Northerner with a forwarded e-mail from Student Life Director Betty Mulkey that allegedly contains the faculty member’s complaint.

In this e-mail, the faculty member describes the alleged cursing:

“The participants in this initiation ritual are shouting about “big fat red p….sy” and “I suck my own d…k.” They are now yelling “I wanna f–k