Campaign calls integrity into question

Dear Editor,

It seems as if The Northerner has been inundated with letters to the editor regarding the upcoming SGA election. I had vowed to stay out of it until I read this week’s Northerner. It was not only the article regarding the accusations of Mr. Hixson and Mr. Iker that forced me to write this letter, rather, it was a particular comment that sparked my interest.

I attended an SGA meeting earlier this semester at which point Executive Vice President Eric Fegan stood to tell the Senate and guests that he and Andy Hixson “are buddies, still are good buddies.” Therefore, you can imagine my surprise when I read this week’s Northerner, where Mr. Fegan referred to Mr. Hixson as a “thorn in my ass all semester.” I don’t know about each one of you, but to me, that is not the sort of professionalism I expect from a student leader representing my interests.

This campaign has led me to question the character of some of our most prominent student leaders. Throughout this entire process of slanderous comments, and questionable impeachments and Judicial Council rulings, Mr. Hixson and his running mate Jeff Iker have taken the higher road. Dirty campaigns may work in big-time politics, but here at NKU, I want someone with high integrity representing me.

We, as students, are in charge of electing a student leader that will represent Northern Kentucky University. Mr. Hixson has recently taken a stand for what he and other students believe regarding the proposed constitutional amendment. While this may be a proposal some favor, not all do. I define a leader as someone who can stand up for his or her beliefs when facing adversity. Mr. Hixson has done that.

Many have been concerned with the fact that Mr. Hixson and Mr. Iker are fraternity brothers, and question the balance of power that would result. My last question is this: how balanced is the power when two of the five members of the Judicial Council are fraternity brothers of Eric Fegan?

Ashley Dorris Freshman, elementary education