Recent impeachments

I am concerned about the recent activities that have been occuring at our SGA meetings. Is there nothing more important that attacking Hixson and others? This is all ridiculous! The accusers sound hypocritical and petty. If you ask me, Hixson should receive congrats for taking things so well. I urge NKU students to look closely at those bringing charges against Andy and the others. What’s important to you? I want a candidate who isn’t in the papers every day complaining about people like Hixson’s accusers have done. It doesn’t take a genius to realize the positive impact Hixson has had on campus. His leadership in and out of the community is strong and to be admired. As the ethics committee scrambles to get votes and circulate bad news, they’re wasting our time and the funding that is to be spent making positive impacts on NKU. Yes, SGA has a nice budget and it’s obvious how they’re using it, which is to negatively highlight individuals who are NKU’s true leaders. When you cast your vote think hard about who should be representing our fine university. I know where my vote will be because I care about the direction my soon to be alma mater is headed. Hixson will receive my vote and I challenge you all to make the same choice. Please vote, and vote Andy Hixson.

Carly Class of 2005