shout outs

Dear Editor I’ve been reading your paper lately and I have some shout outs. First of all, to the people that want to make $1,500 worth of copies of SGA election propaganda, then mail it to me so I can throw it away, stop wasting my money, we have a newspaper that cost plenty of money and is full of crap about SGA. To the people impeaching and removing people from office so they can automatically win an election, we had kids like you in our neighborhood, they owned the football and if the game didn’t go their way, they would “take my ball and go home.” Everyone hated that kid. To everyone who voted for someone who gave them a hot dog, I’ve got a couple bridges to sell you. To people who hyped up a stupid student government election with nifty campaign promises that probably won’t be kept, it’s over, now what are you going to do. To who ever decided to put together tickets for a student government election, so we can have a shirt/skins game of student government, I think you should have added in there that each ticket should have a braw at the bike rack after school. To the fashion guru guy, I applaud you for making sure the clones wear polos, cargo shorts and sandals. This makes me look even more unique, which is exactly the look I’m going for this season. Oh yea, trucker hats are stupid. Isn’t a department store shirt that looks like a thrift store shirt like a chicken fried steak? (Note: Chicken fried steak is a piece of reprocessed garbage that’s breaded and fried like chicken. It’s not really chicken or steak, it’s just garbage.) To the guy who’s going to rip me on grammar, or spelling Madeleine wrong, or something stupid like that, get a life. To the people who disagree with this letter, I don’t care. Love Jesse McDonald