Future of SGA at stake in election

Dear Editor,

I am writing to express my concern about the future of NKU’s Student Government Association.

As we all know, Eric Fegan and Andy Hixson are running for student body president.

I have been witness to the leadership abilities of both candidates.

In my opinion, Eric Fegan is the man for the job.

Eric Fegan has served three years as both a senator and an executive board member. He works in the office at least 20 hours per week and cares about the common student.

But Andy Hixson is never in the office at all. Just an empty desk – that’s all the representation I get from Andy Hixson. That’s why Andy Hixson got impeached.

Now Hixson has the audacity to run for SGA president.

I wonder if students realize how devastating his election could be?

We only have one representative on the Board of Regents – the SGA president. But can we count on Andy to show to up the Board of Regents’ meetings? He doesn’t show up to SGA executive board meetings, that much we know already.

We need a leader with the courage to stand up to the powers-that-be, a man who has already spoken out against tuition increases.

That man is Eric Fegan.

As a non-Greek student, I also have some personal concerns about this election. Eric Fegan has built a diverse ticket, made up both of Greek and independent students. Andy Hixson talks the talk, but his ticket is made up almost entirely of his own fraternity brothers.

Like everything else Hixson says, “diversity” is just a political sound bite being spoon-fed to us by the smoothest politician on campus. Let me make this clear: I don’t buy Andy Hixson’s lies – I’m voting for Eric Fegan.

Paul Myers Freshman, radio/television