Candidates’ past actions are current issue

Dear Editor,

I write in response to Abdul Kazi’s letter to the editor “Hixson ticket lacks diversity.” (March 31, 2004, page 5)

Kazi was quick to point out that Hixson’s ticket lacks diversity, but failed to educate himself about his opponent’s team make-up.

What is diversity when you only have one female on the team? The women on Hixson’s ticket, Marchelle Crawford, Sheena Dunn and Jen Perry, represent minorities and females.

Mr. Kazi went on to write that his team would allocate more funding to minorities.

But his team was the same SGA Legacy Fund Committee that denied funding to Student Organizations last year.

Many organizations saw a decline in their activities and membership due to lack of funding.

According to The Northerner’s December 3, 2003 article, “Funds not dispersed, critics say,” Fegan said that the African Student Union was denied funding because there were not enough funds in the Legacy Fund. In the same news article, Fegan implicated himself and the committee by saying that they gave out under $8,000 out of the $40,000 allocated to student organizations each year.

My fellow students and leaders, please pay attention to the news and don’t allow a few power-hungry SGA senators to lie to you.

Okafor David Junior, economics