SGA needs wake-up call

Dear Editor,

I’m amazed at the reality that SGA – students elected to represent and express the student body’s voices and opinions – never seem to really have their hand on the pulse of the student body.

Often when a bill or constitution is passed, it’s not something that many students know or seem to care about.

It seems like SGA is motivated more by personal goals and ideas when passing these bills than what the students might like to see.

A few months ago, SGA wanted to pass a bill that would have given them control over certain student-run organizations, yet I can’t think of a reason SGA should take over funding control.

SGA has said it is so the organizations become more united and work together toward the same goal.

The idea of all the organizations being on the same page and working hand-in-hand with one another is fantastic. However, the organizations should begin working together before control over money enters into the picture.

I have just been informed that the money that supports student organizations comes from student fees, and the idea of SGA having most of the control over my money doesn’t sit well with me.

I am one of many students who work, go to school and try to fit in a social life and, because of this, aren’t very involved on campus.

Many people might say that I have no right to be upset or comment against SGA because if I want to see changes, I should get involved. Even though I may not be as involved on campus, I do still pay tuition and student fees, and so, in that respect, I believe SGA should be motivated more by students like me than by themselves.

I hope eventually there will be more students like me who either begin to voice their opinion or become more involved on campus, and serious changes begin to happen.

Maybe SGA needs a wake-up call to let them know that if they really want to make a difference on campus, they will stop and talk to students outside their normal circle of friends and see how they feel and what some of their ideas are on how SGA could really improve NKU.

Kristen Lane Junior, journalism