Edwards doesn’t speak for all students

Dear Editor,

I just wanted to be the first to applaud Steven Edwards on being the first person I know to read the minds of nearly 15,000 students.

In his letter to the editor last week, (“Hixson puts students first”) he quoted what every student thinks about Andy Hixson, except me.

I’m sure I’m not alone here, but then again, I don’t have his talent.

Steven also says that Andy doesn’t do it for the money – prove it. Supposedly Andy has been cashing checks for work he doesn’t do.

Well, stop cashing checks and start doing work.

I personally just met Hixson this week and he seems like a nice guy.

I have nothing against him or anyone on his ticket, but I do resent comments made about Eric Fegan and everyone on his ticket.

This all seems like the beginning of three weeks of dirty politics – cheers to the winner.

But I guess Steven already knows who that is, so let’s just ask him.

Jeff Cowens Senior, middle grade education