Cheesecake Factory worth the expense

The Cheesecake Factory is famous for, um, its cheesecake. But the restaurant also offers an extensive menu.

The company also just happened to open up its third restaurant in Ohio, which will be the first to ever grace Cincinnati with its presence.

The location of the new store is in the Kenwood Towne Center, off Montgomery Road in Kenwood.

According to the menu, the company celebrated its 25th anniversary in February 2003.

So The Cheesecake Factory has been around for a while and is nationally famous, but can it meet the expectations of my team of masticators?

The atmosphere is exquisite, with dim lighting, tall ceilings and large open spaces.

The restaurant has an Egyptian motif, complete with palm trees, giant columns and bright murals on the ceiling. It looked really expensive, and it was.

The wait seemed a little overwhelming at first (45-60 minutes) but it actually took only 25 minutes.

We made the way to the bar to alleviate the wait. Much to our surprise, domestic bottled beers were $4.00 each, which is quite expensive, but we knocked them back like it was spring break.

The appetizer list was elaborate, featuring everything from wings to Thai lettuce wraps.

We settled on the crispy taquitos.

Nothing out of the ordinary here, but the chicken inside them had a nice kick.

Appetizers ranged from $6.50-9.95, with the exception of the sample platter, which is $24.95.

The service was adequate, but not that great for the amount of money we spent.

I had the Jamaican black pepper shrimp, because who should know more about good food than the Rastas?

The shrimp were saut