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I found your article while searching for information on college suicides for my site VisionAndPsychosis.Net. Colleges try to help mentally ill students By Lynn Franey , Knight Ridder Newspapers

I believe I have information your readers should be aware of. Would you consider a letter to the editor from outside your school or have a reporter visit the site and review it for you? (Suggested letter is at bottom of email message.)

My site is about a quirk of human physiology accidentally discovered over fifty years ago. This problem changed the way office workspace must be designed.

For those fifty years engineers working for office furniture manufacturers have designed Cubicles and Systems Furniture Workstations to prevent a bizarre psychiatric injury. I understand that the industry believes it is a temporary dissociative episode which resolves with no treatment.

This problem would be devastating to a student with previous psychiatric symptoms.

The psychology of the problem is explained on the Everquest Connection page. Shawn Woolley committed suicide in 2001. His mother sued Sony claiming the addictive qualities of Everquest caused his death. When 48Hours Investigates aired ‘Evercrack’ (Fall of 2002) I was able to see the computer workstation of Tommy Stein, son of actor Ben Stein. The design of his bedroom workstation allowed me to see the connection. Tommy recovered with no treatment Shawn committed suicide. Shawn had previous psychiatric symptoms and was an adult living alone.

My page on college suicides will argue that engineering design problems with work/study space in colleges, including incorrectly installed computers, are the underlying cause of cluster college suicides such as at MIT. My motive for the site is to find help for my wife. She is psychotic and seriously mentally ill after thirty days exposure to this phenomenon in a college business office.

When the Payroll Office at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa moved to the basement of Rose Administration Building the manager used the move as an opportunity to harass her. The Office had changed to a new computer system and she was not a computer person. Although the University states a policy for displaced workers, she had thirty years service. They wanted her to retire at fifty four. They began to do things to demean and embarrass her. The office coffee table was moved from an empty room to her workspace. A University Building and Construction Administration had built her new workstation without Cubicle Level Protection even though her job, accounting, required it. She had a mental breakdown within thirty days.

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————proposed letter to the editor——–

I am researching college suicides for my site VisionAndPsychosis.Net. The theory being advanced is that engineering design problems are at the bottom of cluster suicides at colleges. This problem is related to the human vision startle reflex.

The psychology of this is explained on the Everquest Connection page. Shawn Woolley committed suicide in 2001. His mother sued Sony claiming that the addictive qualities of Everquest caused his death. It’s the same problem, different situation. This quirk of human physiology was discovered in the 1950’s long before personal computers.

Do you have information about a suicide of a college student or worker in small business? This would include shootings where the perpetrator committed suicide.

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