Hot seat with Shaun Erie

Tim Downer

This week John Rasp sits down with NKU second baseman Shaun Erie.

Erie, a senior, is hitting .308 in 19 games for the Norse this season.

John Rasp: When are you going to hit your first home run of this year? Shaun Erie: Probably never. I don’t really hit home runs.

JR: You’re rounding third and are going to take out the catcher. Out of former catchers (and coaches) Bill Black and Todd Asalon, which coach would be more likely knock the ball out? SE: To knock it free, probably Coach Asalon. He’s kind of soft. But Bill would be fun to have out there because he gets a little sketchy sometimes.

JR: In “This Week in Baskeball,” women’s fastpitch softball player, Jennie Finch, pitches to the major league players. Do you think you can hit her? SE: Not to start anything between baseball and softball, but I think that any baseball player could hit any softball pitcher.

JR: Who is the best pitcher you’ve ever faced? SE: I would have to say Brandon DeJaynes from Quincy. Last year he led the nation with like 130 strikeouts in 75 innings and an 0.74 ERA. He was probably the best pitcher overall.

JR: What player on the NKU baseball team could you strike out? SE: I think I could probably strike out Conor McGeehan. Three fastballs are all it would take. JR: What kind of superstitions do you have? SE: When I go off the field I never touch the chalk. If I tape my wrists, I keep them taped for every game. If I wear wrist bands, I wear them the same place every game. I also wear the same pair of socks if I’m hitting well.

JR: What team is NKU’s biggest rival in baseball? SE: Our biggest rival is probably Indianapolis because they are always good and we are always good. It’s always fun to play them.

JR: What position do you like the most? SE: Any position on the field. I don’t really care as long as I’m in the lineup. I just want to play.

JR: Can any NKU baseball player hit the ball up into the parking lot in left field at the NKU baseball field? SE: Yeah there are a few guys who could probably hit it into the cars. I’m not one of them, obviously. Keith Jackson, Conor McGeehan, and Jerrod Fraley could do it. With a stiff breeze Alex Frank could probably hit it up there.

JR: Fact or Fiction: You are the best-dressed NKU baseball player? SE: Fiction. I’m not the best-dressed baseball player. Justin Seiter is definitely the best-dressed NKU player.