Hixson puts students first

Dear Editor,

In the article posted online regarding Andy Hixson’s impeachment, there seems to be a part of the story lacking: What do the students think?

I’m pretty sure I have a good idea what the answer is. HIXSON CARES FOR THE STUDENTS MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE IN THAT SGA OFFICE…and the students know that.

Hixson has received numerous attacks since he voted against the executive council’s constitution. In fact, one of the senators that endorsed the constitution threatened physical harm on Andy and also on himself. That person is mentally unstable and he is leading the fight to impeach Hixson.

Are these the type of people you want to lead this university? I don’t.

I know Andy Hixson would never make personal attacks on people for their beliefs. Also, when it comes to stealing money: Andy isn’t doing it. Andy doesn’t do this for the money. He loves NKU and the students. Hixson is a stand-up guy in every way.

So it’s time for the students to stand up behind him and show all these cowards who is really doing the students’ work.

Steven Edwards Junior, radio/television