hixson impeachment

HIXSON IMPEACHMENT I am emailing you regarding the article on the Northerner website, surely soon to be the article in the paper too. I consider this article to be very bias. It skims Hixson’s responses leaving no room for his defense. Even if these allegations were true they must have some reasonable explanation as to why they are. In my opinion if this article were to be printed in the Northerner, it should include; the allegations toward Hixson, Hixson’s defense and why these issues are being brought up. I find it very convenient that the impeachment of Andy Hixson from the SGA happens so close to the elections on April 14th and 15th. This is all politics now. In my opinion Fegan and pollit are intimidated of Andy Hixson. I believe this due to the nature of the campaign that Fegan and Pollit are running. It’s bad enough that they are running on immoral views and lying to the people. Why do you think they’d try to trash Andy’s name also. I just ask that you consider all the different reasons for the actions mainly of two people; Fegan and Pollit.

Thanks for your time