The Corruption inside of SGA

Dear Student Body,

I would just like to share some information with the rest of the student body. There have been some things going on in Student Government that I would like to point out. Personal Attacks have been made on a man who I know for certain did not deserve them. Andy Hixson is an ideal leader on this campus and his credibility has been threatened by a group of power-hungry, immature, and self-indulged people. Andy Hisxon is the only one who really belongs on the current Executive Team and something must be done about this. They are using any means necessary to discredit Hixson any way they see fit. There have been lies and rumors started about Hixson because there are certain individuals who feel threatened by Mr. Hixson’s knowledge and understanding of what should be going on in SGA opposed to that really is going on. A few examples of this are some resolutions that were proposed to the senate throughout thet year. Some were turned down based upon Mr. Hixson explaining to the senate what the bill was really going to do after it passed. They were worded so that people would hear what they wanted to hear, not what the bill was really for. The senate voted down the bill after hearing Hixson’s remarks and there were certain individuals who weren’t too pleased with this. They then held a secret meeting in order to pass it. I’ll bet you are asking yourself if that was legal in the NKU SGA Constitution. Well, I just read the Constitution and it was an illegal procedure. Andy was the only one doing what was right. Since then there have been personal attacks made on Mr. Hixson and they are obviously not true. Ask anyone who knows this man and they will tell you how much Andy cares for this University and for the Student Body. Eric Fegan is purposly exposing Andy and attacking him from within in order to discredit his name for the upcoming election. This is morally wrong and if you ask me, the dirtiest thing that you could possibly resort to. They are afraid that Hixson is the answer to setting SGA back on the right track after a year of corruption under this current Executive Board. This was just one of many things that have been going on within SGA for this past year. You start to notice the sketchy things going on if you really sit and observe these people inside and outside of the meetings. These are only a few things that I have noticed and just thought they should finally be addressed. Andy Hixson is a very smart, capable, and well-rounded student leader and I trust that his wisdom exemplies the true aspect of Northern Kentucky University’s Student Government Association.