Dear Editor,

My name is Jeff Iker. I am writing this letter in support of my good friend, fraternity brother, and running mate for the 2004 SGA Presidential Election. Andy and Myself have invested so much of ourselves into NKU during our academic career, far more than any of those folks who are supporting Andy’s impeachment; so much more that they can’t possibly understand the pressure that he is under as our fraternity’s president, which in itself is a 20 hour-per-week obligation, an executive board member in the College Republicans, and in SGA. Now that Andy has taken a stand against what He, I, and others in SGA believe were unconstitutional procedures in the approval of the new constitution, he has been ostracized from the rest of the SGA executive committee.

If you’re going to impeach an executive board member for bringing discredit to SGA, which Andy has most definitely not done, then why not impeach the other member of the executive board who has brought discredit to SGA. I’m not dropping any names because public slander just isn’t my style of persuasion.

I guarantee that when Andy and I take office next semester the students will finally see how much SGA can benefit them.

Hey boys, how about starting my “investigation.”