Our Scary SGA

Once upon a time, there was a bad ruler named Mr. P. Mr. P. and all his friends became the ruling party because they said they wanted to help all of the people with “shared governance.” But what he didn’t tell his subjects (well, at least the 2% or so that even bothered to vote) was that when he said “shared governance,” he really meant sharing with his friends. And when he said “governance,” he really meant complete control of everything in sight. I think Mr. P. might have also forgot to tell us that he wants to control all student organization money too… but I guess that’s only a small detail. So, Mr. P. decided that the best way to accomplish his “shared governance” plan was to play shady political games and by-pass all involvement and feed-back from his subjects.

Here is the reality: Chris Pace and his fabulous team of politicians want to absorb all aspects of student programming… or at least the money aspect of it. What business does student government have planning/assigning money to “Battle of the Bands”? What business do they have telling BUS and RHA what to do? And when was the last time a minority student got to vote in our student government (and no, a few women in SGA do not account for all of our minority students)?

Don’t you think it is about time SGA focus on the issues the student body wants to see resolved? If the SGA is going to be spending so much time on regulating all of the other organizations, when are they going to get around to dealing with real issues?

So when does it stop Mr. P.? Do you want to absorb the Gamer’s Guild too? I hear they are bringing in some big bucks these days. What about the Fraternities and Sororities? They’ve got pretty good budgets. Hey, you should look at the Baptist Student Union too! They’ve got an amazing facility you could use for your meetings, and I’m sure they’ve got a decent budget to match. If they keep at this rate, you college deans may want to look out. You may be having to report to evil Mr. P. soon too.