E-Mail to Jill Diesman RE: E-Voting


I am the chair of the SGA election committee and I needed to ensure that one issue that many people had in the fall election has been cleared up and that is the ability of people to vote off campus. Having to have students setup a VPN or dialin is laughably difficult for the average student and puts up an artificial wall that prevents many people from voting and fully participating in the democratic process. My goal is to have people be able to pull out their NKU student ID from anywhere in the world and vote on the election day regardless of location. This will dramatically increase the number of people that vote and will help better represent the views and ideas of the students as a whole. I am ignorant of the reason why the restrictions were put into effect the first time but I would like to request that they be lifted. Thanks…

Respectfully, -Michael Vaughan SGA, Elections Committee Chair