DPS reports

MAR 1 2004 Monday 8:20 p.m. Classification: CONFISCATED CONTRABAND Location: UNIVERSITY SUITES Disposition: Under investigation Summary: Several items of drug contraband were confiscated from the listed location. The items were logged and secured in the DPS Property/Evidence Room.

MAR 1 2004 Monday 7:56 p.m. Classification: UNWANTED SUBJECT IN ROOM Location: UNIVERSITY SUITES Disposition: Closed Summary: Female subject advised there was a male subject in her room that refused to leave. Male subject was escorted, by Officers, from the area.

MAR 1 2004 Monday 4:17 p.m. Classification: MEDICAL RESPONSE – Squad Location: UNIVERSITY CENTER Disposition: Closed Summary: Medical assistance was requested for a subject at the listed location. Officers, the Campus Nurse, and the Central Campbell County Squad responded and checked the subject. The subject refused transportation to the hospital.