Chipotle offers tons of cheap, tasty Mexican food

“Two things, thousands of ways” is a catch phrase developed by Chipotle to market its limited menu, but vast array of foods.

That’s no lie.

The success of Chipotle stemmed from two popular Mexican favorites – the taco and the burrito – taken to the next level.

There are eight Chipotle restaurants in the Cincinnati area. The only one you’ll find in Kentucky is on University of Kentucky’s campus.

The most accessible for NKU students is near the University of Cincinnati at 2507 W. Clifton Avenue. There are other locations in Kenwood and Hyde Park. My team of masticators chose the Clifton locale.

The atmosphere is young, cool and casual. According to its Web site, “…polished steel tables and blonde wood chairs dance under alien space-ship ductwork. Mayan glyphs and gothic trashcans mix with leather stools and red concrete floors.”

Better than I could explain it.

However, they only offer two foods: tacos and burritos.

You can choose from seasoned pork, spicy shredded beef, chicken or steak as the main ingredient. They also offer vegetarian choices.

Burritos come made to order, as do the set of three tacos in soft or crunchy shells.

I had the steak burrito. The burritos are huge (about eight inches long and four inches in diameter). They’ll leave an amateur “burrito eater” with a lap full of toppings.

Fortunately for me, I’ve mowed down many burritos in my day. The cilantro-lime flavored rice cooled off the spiciness.

It definitely made for a party in my mouth.

Masticator LP tried the tacos. “I wanted to try a burrito, but my virgin mouth couldn’t handle anything that big.

“The tacos were way better than the dog food that Taco Bell serves. Only if this place stayed open until the bars closed…” she explained.

My pudgy masticator Big Boy was surprised to see a low-carb alternative on their menu.

“I thought I had to break my diet tonight, but they offer a burrito in a bowl and replace the rice with lettuce. I was still able to eat like a pig, but I’m losing weight at the same time. Only in America.”

The prices are unbeatable, with nothing over $6. Start searching your couch for change and save up for an extraordinary Mexican meal.

They do offer bottled beer to wash down your meal, but the best choice is the margarita. For only $3.50, it packs a punch. After two you’ll be stumbling through the streets of Clifton.

So the next time you’re in Clifton, be sure to stop by and try one of the best meal deals around. Visit for more information.