Campus briefs

False alarm causes confusion, disrupts classes

A faulty smoke detector resulted in class disruption for many students in Business Education and Psychology Building on Monday, March 1.

The fire alarm in B.E.P. sounded off at 3:44 p.m., 14 minutes after most students’ 3:30 p.m. class. Department of Public Safety officers and the Central Campbell County Fire Department responded to the alarm and found no evidence of smoke or fire.

According to Officer Michael Nutini, the alarm was set off by a faulty smoke detector on the third floor mechanical room.

Students and faculty were permitted to reenter the building around 4:10 p.m., causing a 25-minute delay in class.

Candice Suttmiller, who was in class when the fire alarm sounded, said her classmates and professor were confused when it went off.

After the class asked the professor what they should do, the professor told them to wait while he went down and asked the office.

Once he came back, Suttmiller said he proceeded to tell the class they needed to evacuate the building.

Many students were confused as to what was going on while they were waiting outside.

NKU takes day to celebrate history

NKU hosted the Northern Kentucky 11th Annual History Day Saturday, Feb. 28 to give visitors the opportunity to learn more about local history and historical events in America.

Held in the University Center from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., several speakers gave lectures and conducted workshops concerning such topics as Civil Rights, genealogy and influential figures of the past.

Participants had the chance to learn from the experts, observing how to preserve family photos and documents, how to do oral history and how to incorporate family history in the classroom among other things.

Presenters included many faculty and staff members from NKU, including Jim Ramage, Michael Adams, Eric Jackson, Michael Washington, Rober Vitz, Suzanne Deluca, Jim Claypool, Rodney Daniels, Jennifer Gregory, and Francois LeRoy.

The event was sponsored by The Historical Confederation of Kentucky and local area historical societies.

Some attendees traveled from out-of-state to be part of the day.

Jasmine Mason, who traveled from Goshen, Ohio, attended to discover more about her family history.