Wolves and Nets face off in key game

Washington Wizards vs. Toronto Raptors

This is the second game of the season between these two teams. In the first meeting in November the Wizards killed the Raptors 86-60. Since then, the Raptors have been heading in the right direction. It may have something to do with the trade for Jalen Rose. A gang of injuries at key positions have taken its toll on this team. Rose ended up getting injured and has missed a good amount of playing time, and it is uncertain when he will return. Vince Carter recently went down with an ankle injury and is expected to be out for a week or two. The sensational rookie Chris Bosh has been out with an injury as well. Bosh returned this past weekend has seemed to regain his form, however. This team will continue to struggle with these three key players out of the line-up. On the other hand, the Wizards are also reeling from the injury bug. One good note is that they’ve gotten Jerry Stackhouse back to go along with Gilbert Arenas. These two form one of the most dynamic offensive duos in the league. The team’s other star player, Larry Hughes, just recently went down with an injury and his return date is also uncertain. Hughes is a big part of this team. Without him, they have been struggling to score. This team has lost its last five games by an average of 22 points. Something has to give between these two struggling teams. I think the home field advantage will play a factor in this game. I look for Bosh and Donyell Marshall to have a big game. At least the Raptors play hard every night. It seems like the Wizards have thrown in the towel on this season. This team needs discipline in every way. When you watch this team play, they just don’t seem to play with any kind of fight or passion. I look for them to continue struggling the rest of this season. They should be in good running for a lottery pick in this year’s draft

Prediction: Raptors 92 Wizards 85 New Jersey Nets at Minnesota Timberwolves This is my game of the week: the best in the east versus the best in the west! This game has all the best position match-ups; Sam Cassell versus Jason Kidd, Kenyon Martin versus Kevin Garnett, and Latrell Sprewell versus Richard Jefferson. This game could be a preview of the NBA finals. It is the first meeting of the season between these two teams, both of whom have been playing great basketball. The Nets have been rejuvenated under new coach Lawrence Frank. Frank brings more discipline, passion, and fire to the game than ex-coach Byron Scott. The Nets are starting to make a late season run like they did last year that took them to the NBA finals. Jason Kidd and Kenyon Martin have been playing good basketball. Martin has been tearing up the inside and Kidd has been delivering some unbelievable passes as usual. Kevin is the MVP of the league this year, and it will be a crime if he doesn’t get the award. KG has been producing almost a double double every night. Sam Cassell’s been playing better than most people have expected. He finally got his invitation to the All-Star game. Two weeks ago he became the second oldest player in NBA history to make his all-star game debut. The other member of the big three is Latrell Sprewell. He’s played a major role in the Wolves’ surprising season. This team seems to get better every night. This team is getting healthy at the right time. Wally Sczerbiak has just returned to provide yet another scoring threat for this offensive-minded team. If they keep playing the way they have been playing then they might just get out of the first round of the playoffs. Something that has plagued this franchise for years. This game should be entertaining, with a thrilling finish. I think it will come down to the last possession. I look for Garnett to have big game with another double double and Kidd to have big game scoring and passing the rock. Richard Jefferson and Kerry Kittles will need to step up their game if they want to have a chance to win. Cassell versus Kidd will be an intriguing match-up: neither really has an advantage. I think Garnett and the Wolves will be looking forward to protecting their home court and will prevail in the last minute of this close game.

Prediction: Wolves 114Nets 110